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Employee - Military Leave

 Leave of Absence - UCLA Health Human Resources 

Step 1) Inform your department head, manager or supervisor about taking a leave of absence as soon as possible.

Please notify your department head, supervisor or manager of your leave request 30 days prior to your anticipated leave begin date, or as soon as reasonably possible. It's best to do this as your need for leave arises, so your department can plan your absence. Try to be as specific as possible about the length of time and reasons for the leave of absence.

Step 2) Complete your Leave of Absence Notification (LOAN).

Schedule a meeting with your Workforce Administrator (WFA)/HR Representative 30 days prior to your anticipated leave begin date to discuss your leave options.  Remember to bring your military order letter. Please complete and submit your Leave of Absence Notification (LOAN) and follow as instructed.

Please ensure that your LOAN has been approved by your supervisor/manager and has been forwarded to your WFA/HR Representative.

  Military Leave Benefits Checklist

Step 3) Stay in Touch.

Keep you supervisor/manager and your WFA/HR Representative informed of any changes or delays in your return date. Should there be any need to extend your leave, you must inform your supervisor/manager or WFA/HR Representative immediately by submitting a copy of the extension of your military order.


Step 4) Returning to Work.

Submit your Return to Work Certification form to your supervisor/manager and WFA/HR Representative on your first day back from work. If you cancelled your benefits when you were on Leave, you have 31 days on your return date to work to re-enroll by submitting a UPAY 850 to your Benefits Analyst.

  UPAY 850

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