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HR Rep - Military Leave

Leave of Absence - UCLA Health Human Resources

Meeting with employee:

  • Educate employee on Military Leave procedures.
  • Review employee accrual balance and provide options and instructions on time recording.
  • Verify contact & email address information.
  • Inform employee about direct payment responsibilities and all payroll deduction affected by his/her leave. 
  • Provide employee with name and number of Benefits Analyst.
  • Process leave in EDB as soon as approved LOAN is submitted.
  • Forward completed LOAN to manager/supervisor or designee.
  • Provide time recording instructions to employee's manager/supervisor.

While Employee is on leave:

  • Update EDB as necessary.
  • Submit all extensions/corrections to Benefit Analyst by copying him/her on ALL PANS.

When Employee Returns from Leave:

  • Confirm with manager/supervisor employee's return to work date.
  • Update EDB if necessary.
  • Notify Benefits Analyst of employee's return to work via e-mail.
  • Remind employee to re-enroll for benefits if cancelled while on leave.
  • Instruct employee to contact Department Parking Coordinator or provide with new Parking Authorization form as appropriate.
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