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UCLA Health Human Resources


HR Regulatory Requirements & Forms

Faculty Practice Group



  • Job Description/Performance Evaluation Forms
        JD & PE for Licensed Clinical Position
        JD & PE for Unlicensed Clinical Position
        JD & PE for Administrative Support Position
        JD & PE for CNI II III
        JD & PE for LVN
        JD & PE for ACP
        JD & PE for CCP
        JD & PE for Management

  • DGSOM Job Description/Performance Evaluation Forms
        JD & PE for DGSOM Employee

  • Recommended File Format
  • Required Documentation
    Required Documentation
        Initial Annual Requirements
        HR Regulatory Requirements Managers' Checklist
        File Audit Form - Jan 2016
  • Source Verification
        Source Verification Contacts
        License Titles 
  • Annual Education
  • World Class Practices
  •  Ambulatory Nursing


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